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I will drink plenty! Tired course

I will drink plenty! Tired course

3240 yen

  • 5items
  • 2persons
All-you-can-drink available

Available days for reservation
Monday - Friday and the day before holiday

All-you-can-drink beverage 120-minute system (90 minutes last order) 2 cups of your favorite craft beer S size 2 pizza and also 5 foods

Course menu

Season salad

Assorted Bologna ham and Italian salami

Curry e Peppe style of potato fry

Spicy sausage · chorizo

Perfect for beer Firing kiln Pizza Marinara

2 craft beers of your choice

Other drinks all you can drink

Sapporo black wine, wine, cocktail, high ball, about 30 soft drinks

All-you-can-drink menu

Sapporo Black Label
· Glass white, red
· Lemon Sour, Lime Sour
· Lemon Sour, Lime Sour
· Kiel, Peach Tree Soda, Peach Tree Orange, Campari Soda, Campari Orange, Cassis Soda, Cassis Orange, Chandigafu, Campari Biel
·Soft drink
· Orange, grapefruit juice, gingerjael, cola, oolong tea

2018/08/15 update